All of our cardiovascular equipment is of the highest spec visio range allowing members the best entertainment whilst they exercise. You can watch TV, surf the web, keep up with your social media through facebook and twitter, watch movies and listen to your own music through the IPOD and iPhone docking stations.

Your Technogym Key will have your entire fitness program downloaded onto it and all you will need to do is simply insert the key and press START. Each piece of equipment will be automatically set up for you.

The strength section is the SELECTION range, again TG’s highest spec, where you insert your TG key into the isocontrol LED interface which will tell you what weight to use, how many reps to do and the correct speed and resting time. It will also show you your next exercise.

  • x5 Excite Treadmills
  • x2 Excite Synchro cross trainers
  • x2 Excite Vario Cross trainers
  • x1 Excite cross over trainer
  • x3 Excite bikes
  • X2 Concept 2 rowers
  • Resistance Range
  • x1 selection Line Chest Press
  • x1 Selection line Lateral pulldown
  • x1 selection line leg curl
  • x1 Selection Line leg extension
  • x1 Selection line Leg press
  • x1 selection line shoulder press
  • x1 Dual adjustable pulley
  • Kettle bells 3-24kg
  • Strength equipment
  • x1 Adjustable bench
  • x1 Horizontal Olympic bench and Olympic Bar
  • Dumbbells from 2-30kg
  • Squat Rack